Young Father Gunned Down By Terrorists

Gideon Lichterman, 27, of the Shilo area, was ambushed and murdered by Palestinian terrorists last night. His 6-year-old daughter and a reserve soldier were critically wounded. He was buried this afternoon.


Gideon Lichterman, 27, of Achiyah, east of Shilo, was murdered by Palestinian terrorists last night on his way to give a ride home to a fellow resident. A member of the town's secretariat, he heard that a friend - Tamir Dar, 25, a reserve soldier - needed a ride back to the community, and he volunteered to make the short trip.
Gideon took along his 6-year-old daughter Moriah, as his wife was not home at the time.

Along the way, terrorists waiting behind one of the bends in the road opened fire and seriously wounded both Gideon and his daughter. The waiting soldier heard the shooting from where he was standing, ran to help, and was seriously wounded himself. Several minutes later, a passing driver, Yagur Rechelim, evacuated the soldier to a nearby army position, and called a friend from the area who found and brought Moriah to the same spot. Troops then went back to the scene of the attack to search for the driver, Gideon; he was found some 50 meters away from the car, where he bled to death after he went either to try to get help or to return fire against the murderers. The search for the terrorists continued this morning, after tracks of their getaway car were noticed at the scene.

The two wounded victims - 6-year-old Moriah Sara bat (daughter of) Leah Liat, and Tamir ben (son of) Tziporah - were flown by helicopter to a Jerusalem hospital, where they were operated on throughout the night. They are listed in serious but stable condition. Fatah - the PLO faction founded by Yasser Arafat and Abu Mazen - took responsibility for the attack.

Gideon studied in the Kfar HaRoeh Yeshiva High School south of Hadera, and then studied in Yeshivat Beit El for six years before he and his wife Leah - formerly a music editor for Arutz-7 - moved to Achiyah last year. They were one of 12 families in the community. "Gideon was a giver," said a neighbor last night. "He thought about everyone, and had a vision for the development of our community." Gideon's funeral took place in Haifa this afternoon.

The Yesha Rabbis Council said that the unceasing criticism of the outposts and their residents led to Gideon Lichterman's murder last night. The Council calls on the government to stop the renewed talks with the "murderers of Jews." The Beit El Local Council, where Gideon lived for several years, stated that Prime Minister Sharon's stated willingness, under the pressure of the terrorist attacks, to make "painful concessions" of our national homeland provides encouragement for the murderers.

Last night, at precisely 8 PM during the nationwide sounding of the minute-long Memorial Day siren, Palestinian terrorists fired three mortar shells at the Gush Katif community of N'vei Dekalim. No one was hurt.