US Asks UN to Make "Road Map" Call

The U.S. has asked the UN Security Council to call upon Israel and the PA to adopt the "Road Map." The EU's Javier Solana said that Israel must be pressured to "implement the Road Map without changes."


The U.S. has asked the UN Security Council to officially call upon Israel and the Palestinian Authority to adopt the Road Map plan. The US proposal called on both sides to "act together to stop terrorism."

The Foreign Ministers of the European Union were more adamant in their demand. Meeting in Rhodes over the weekend, they said that the argument over Arafat's fate should not hold up the "complete implementation" of the plan, and that in any event they do not want Arafat "out of the picture." Greek Foreign Minister George Papandreou even said that Arafat is "a historic figure, a critical player in the Middle East who can still have influence over the peace process." Javier Solana, the EU's Foreign Minister, said that Israel must be pressured to "implement the Road Map without conditions or changes," and that the Palestinians must "promise to stop the suicide attacks."

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon will meet with Abu Mazen after Independence Day, which will be celebrated on Wednesday. Negotiations on security issues with the PA will resume afterwards, headed on the Israeli side by Defense Minister Sha'ul Mofaz.

Deputy Secretary of State William Burns, who served in the past as a US mediator in the Middle East, will meet with Israeli leaders today and this evening, including Sharon, Mofaz, and Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom.

It was learned today that the destruction of 12 outposts in Yesha that have been categorized as "illegal" will be postponed until the defense establishment reviews each of them individually. In any event, Minister Gideon Ezra - who may or not be speaking for the entire government - said today that outposts "will not be dismantled as a gesture towards Abu Mazen." He said that the outposts should be examined only after true negotiations between Israel and the PA are underway.