Activist Was Photographed Burning "American Flag"


The IDF continues to investigate the death yesterday of American peace protestor Rachel Corrie, 23, as she was trying to stop a bulldozer from razing the home of a terrorist in Gaza. Corrie was photographed last month burning a mock U.S. flag during a rally in the Gaza Strip; the AP photo can be seen at this.
Israel investigative journalist David Bedein (Israel Resource News Agency; "") spoke with Arutz-7's Emanuel Shilo this morning about the "peace activists" working in Israel on behalf of the Arabs in Yesha. "Their purpose is to bring the Arabs to rise up against Israel," Bedein said. "They come for less than three months at a time, so that they won't be expelled, and they are very well connected with consulates such as Denmark, South Africa, and Japan, and Israeli left-wing organizations such as Bat Shalom, Gush Shalom, Peace Now, and Rabbis for Human Rights. Much of their activities are efficiently coordinated by Netta Golan, who received $10,000 a year ago from Bat Shalom, via the New Israel Fund of the U.S. She married a Fatah activist and lives in Shechem... Two days ago, they announced via the internet that people should come and bodily block the bulldozers from razing terrorist homes in Gaza... They receive payments for what they do - monthly grants from the International Solidarity Movement, and money from twelve Jewish organizations in North America... There is also the Committee Against Home Demolitions, which receives 250,000 Euros a year from the EU... Tonight they will be holding a protest outside the Defense Ministry in Tel Aviv at 9PM..."

Asked if Corrie's death would cause diplomatic tensions between Israel and the U.S., Bedein said, "Their goal is most definitely to cause damage to Israel's image... We must arouse the Defense Ministry to realize who these people are and what their purpose is. Its passivity towards them is one of the things that allows them to function."