New COVID drug passes 2nd stage of trials with flying colors

MesenCure, produced by Haifa-based company, gave 94% survival rate to patients with serious cases of coronavirus.

Yehonatan Gottlieb ,

BioGroup PR

The Haifa-based biomedicine company, Bonus BioGroup, reported on Wednesday that the drug it has developed to treat severe cases of coronavirus, MesenCure, has passed the second stage of clinical trials with a 94 percent rate of survival for patients with serious cases of coronavirus who are hospitalized for treatment.

The drug passed the first stage of clinical trials four months ago, following which the Health Ministry authorized expanded utilization of the drug in a number of Israeli hospitals, with the consent of patients.

Among the trials’ results was the finding that the drug reduced mortality rates among serious cases of COVID-19 by around 70 percent as compared to patients in a control group.

The drug also appeared to shorten hospital stays by around eight days on average, corresponding to around 45 percent shorter hospitalizations, as compared to patients in a control group.

Around half of the patients treated with the drug were discharged from hospital within a day of completing their treatment.

Dr. Shai Meretzky, director of Bonus BioGroup, said, “We are proud of our success in contributing to a safer world. The results of the trials are of great clinical and economic significance in the long term, both for patients and for health systems.”