She Can Never Erase This Image From Her Memory

Now that he has passed, his widow and children are devastated over his loss.

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picture used with permission of family

A tragedy occurred in Petach Tikva recently when a young father of three in his forties passed away after a short battle with cancer. Shai Pachima, may he rest in peace, was the beloved father of three children and valued member of his community, known by all for his warmth, loving-kindness, and constant smile. Family members who attended say that his funeral was completely heartbreaking.

“Seeing his 12-year-old twin girls sobbing over his grave was the saddest thing I have ever seen,” one of them shared.

“You can’t erase that from your memory.”

Even when he was sick, those who were close to Shai say that he was always doing things for others and thinking of others. In fact, even on his deathbed, when he was in an excruciating amount of pain, Shai’s moving last words to his son were the following: “Take care of Ima.”

Even on his deathbed, Shai was thinking about his wife, and how much she would struggle to take care of the family when he was gone. That was the kind of person that he was. Now that he has passed, his widow and children are devastated over his loss.

Shai's widow Ronit is now left to raise three children without their father. An emergency fund has been opened to help the young mother support her family alone, a feat which likely seems impossible from her current perspective of devastating grief. Though no amount of financial help will ease their pain, donations will give them the financial stability that they need to survive.