Is anti-Zionism necessarily anti-Semitic?

That question can be answered by anti-Zionists after they complete the questionnaire in the article below. Op-ed.

Rafael Castro ,

Sovereignty = Zionism = Stability
Sovereignty = Zionism = Stability

In theory, anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitic. Believing that both Jews and Arabs who claim their homeland is the Holy Land are entitled to equal sovereignty and self-determination rights is not anti-Semitic. In this sense, the desire for a democratic binational state that serves the interests of Jews and Arabs equally is ethically and philosophically legitimate, whether or not I agree with it.

Nevertheless, anti-Zionists need to ask themselves and the global anti-Zionist movement five questions before they claim the ethical and philosophical high ground:

1) How many anti-Zionists opposed to a Jewish state are just as opposed to a Palestinian Arab state?

2) How many anti-Zionists have expressed regret on social media or in the streets that Jews were expelled from Gaza instead of being naturalized as citizens of a democratic and binational Palestinian Arab state?

3) How many anti-Zionists, in addition to opposing Zionism, are actively engaged in defending the sovereignty and self-determination of Kurds, Berbers and other national minorities in the Middle East and North Africa?

4) How many European and Arab anti-Zionists express sincere remorse that Jews were massacred and/or expelled from their homes during the 20th century?

5) How many American and Canadian anti-Zionists have taken concrete actions to return the land they live on to its original Native American owners, given that these are even more native to the Americas than Jews and certainly Arabs are to the Holy Land?

If the answer to three of these questions reveals indifference toward the suffering of Jews and of Gentiles outside of the Holy Land, a mathematical case can be made that global anti-Zionism is motivated by anti-Semitism rather than by high-minded ethical and philosophical concerns.

Rafael Castro is a Yale and Hebrew University educated business and political analyst based in Europe. Rafael specializes in proofreading, editing and ghostwriting quality texts for entrepreneurs and politicians. Rafael can be reached at