Talking Parsha - Vayetze: Why is Yaakov 'chit-chatting' at the well?

This week's Torah portion tells us about Yaakov's conversation by the well. Why does the Torah describe this conversation in such great detail?

Tuvia and Yitzi ,

Talking Parsha
Talking Parsha
Tuvia and Yitzi

In this week's parsha (Torah portion) we read about Yaakov (Jacob) leaving his home to Padan Aram to meet Rachel, Leah, Lavan (Laban) and their family. Before meeting Rachel, the Torah tells us what happened when Yaakov arrived at the well, just before Rachel arrived, and the Torah describes this conversation in great detail.

What is so important about this conversation that the Torah tells us about it in such detail? And how is Yaakov's interaction with the shepherds related to who Yaakov is and who Rachel is, and why this shidduch (match) is a perfect match?