Netanyahu to Bennett: You won't be here long, do something real

Opposition leader accuses prime minister of taking credit for his achievements in Knesset speech.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Shulo Shalom/TPS

The Knesset plenum held a '40 signatures' discussion tonight (Monday) at the behest of the opposition.

Opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu attacked Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, saying, "Bennett is bragging about Israel's economic growth. He's one of the greatest credit thieves of modern times."

"Anyone who understands the economy knows that economic growth is not something that is created out of nothing in four months. It is the result of an orderly policy that we pursued for four years, especially during the Corona period," Netanyahu said.

He added, "In May, even before the change of government, Israel was ranked for the first time in history among the top 20 economies in the world. This is a huge achievement thanks to our policy. Before the government changed, the Bank of Israel determined that we grew the economy by 15.4%. You can brag every day about 7% growth as if you did something. You did nothing."

"You say you brought a 'social budget'. It's not social. It is a budget that raises taxes and prices, that hits the periphery and abuses the weaker sectors. I suggest you Bennett - maybe stop with the spins already. You already know you won't be here long. So use the time to do something real," Netanyahu said.

"When I was prime minister, I told the Americans - I will do everything to prevent a nuclear deal with Iran. Thanks to our efforts we were able to get the United States out of the nuclear deal and thanks to our daring operations, we were able to stop and deter Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons," Netanyahu concluded.

He addressed the Iranian issue. "Iran recognizes your weakness and rushes forward. In a month, Iran will return to talks with the powers to return to the nuclear agreement, an existential danger to Israel's security. It will give it hundreds of nuclear bombs aimed at our heads. And what does the government do? Bennett is silent and is careful to maintain his commitment to the US administration not to act publicly against Iran's return to the agreement."