She's Faced Threatening Characters...But This One Is Killing Her

Sara’s kids describe how the woman whom they once thought was invincible is growing weaker with every passing day.

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vaad harbnim

As an ambitious frum female lawyer in Israel, Sara Gottesman has come face-to-face with some intimidating characters over the past fourteen years. Know-it-all clients, back-stabbing attorneys, and unscrupulous individuals have forced the 48-year-old to stick to her convictions and remain unflinching in the face of pretty threatening characters.

But recently, Sara has been battling something that even she doesn’t think she can handle.


It began several months ago when Sara began to suffer from sporadic and painful spasms in her upper back. Eventually, the 48-year-old received a CT scan in Hadassah Hospital where she had to face a terrifying prognosis-- She had lung cancer. Sara’s kids describe how the woman whom they once thought was invincible is growing weaker with every passing day.

“Our lives have been filled with ups and downs,” shared Sara’s 20-year-old daughter Aidel several days ago.

“But she has always been our constant- Strong, smart, loving, and always so wise. But now, everything has changed...She tries to be brave for us, but when we go back home after visiting her, we can hear her sobbing quietly in her room,” she admits.

Sara’s family has been devastated by the news and are trying to support their mother as much as they can but unfortunately, there is something major standing in the way-- Without her income, Sara’s family is struggling to survive and does not possess the funds to afford her much-needed treatment. Tragically, Sara’s doctors have said that they have high hopes for her recovery but without funding for treatment her chances are close to nothing. The family has created a fundraising page and they are scrambling to raise funds as quickly as possible.

“My mother has always been there for me, through everything, and I can’t lose her," continues Aidel.

"The only thing standing in the way of her staying alive is money. Please, have rachmanus (mercy) on me and my siblings and help us save her life…We need her. We know we're just kids, but with your help we can really save her before her time is up. Anything is possible.”