Haim Ramon: 'Lapid is robbing the State purse'

Former Justice Min. Haim Ramon slams Foreign Min. Yair Lapid, claiming he is 'robbing the public's account in the State budget.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

יאיר לפיד בכנס
יאיר לפיד בכנס
צילום: רונן טופלברג

Former Justice Minister Haim Ramon on Thursday morning slammed Foreign Minister Yair Lapid (Yesh Atid), claiming that he is "robbing the public purse in the State budget."

"Let one person in the world come and explain how it can be that it's possible to steal the public's money," Ramon told Hadashot Haboker.

Slamming Lapid, who in the past criticized those who take coalition funds, Ramon said, "Here you come and talk about this and that and a lot about coalition monies, because justifiably, it's corrupt monies. Here you are, Lapid, you turned over your entire career for this issue. Because you weren't voted in for something else, you were voted in for this issue."

"There are people who voted for him not because he has the talents of a prime minister. They said, 'We want a person who is not corrupt, but who is honest.' And the moment he does this, he's even worse than the previous government."

Ramon also claimed that Lapid stole votes from the public.

"He has no right to come to the public again and ask for his vote, he stole votes. Just like with the Norwegian Law, they formed a government and it's just 61 and can't work, I can swallow it, but there's already piggishness."

"The desire for rulership and piggishness has expressed itself: After they slammed [Defense Minister Benny] Gantz (Blue and White) for being an Alternate Prime Minister - suddenly he takes the job. He could have asked to be substitute prime minister, but for his desire for positions and jobs. And he appointed a Director General for a ministry which does not exist."