Yamina forming municipal front with Jewish Home

Ready itself for the next elections, Yamina party is working to shore up its voter base, install its own mayors & local councillors.

Hezki Baruch ,

Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked
Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked
Yitzhak Kalman

The Yamina party has established a local-action headquarters, headed by Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked. Also on the staff will be Religious Affairs Minister Matan Kahana, coalition chair MK Idit Silman, Yamina party chair MK Nir Orbach, and the party’s director, Stella Weinstein.

As part of the Yamina party’s attempts to build its voter base and add activists on the ground, it will be appointing representatives in all towns, cities, and local councils, jointly with the Jewish Home party and its leader, Hagit Moshe.

“The reason behind the party’s early preparations on the local level is to put forward our representatives as local council heads and council members in key positions in the local elections that are to take place in 2023, all over the country,” the Yamina party said in a statement.

On Sunday, the party announced that the government had authorized funding for education in the state-religious sector as part of the budget, as was set down in the coalition accords. NIS 115 million are to be allocated for this purpose from 2021 annually.

“This is amazing news for the Religious-Zionist public,” Shaked told Arutz Sheva, “after years of trying to get this done.”

Yamina party chair MK Nir Orbach echoed Shaked’s enthusiasm, welcoming the “important achievement for Religious-Zionist education.”

Also on Sunday, coalition head MK Idit Silman denied reports that her party had reached out to the Yesh Atid party for the purpose of cooperation on the municipal level. “I support the Prime Minister, and we now have four years of hard work ahead of us,” she said. “Yamina is going to be making significant achievements. We’re not reaching out to anyone else – I’m in Yamina and I support the Prime Minister, and we’re all doing excellent work. I’m not looking at polls – we have four years ahead of us and right now, we’re busy with passing the budget. This government will be judged by its actions.”