Technion students block entrance in protest

"Admin here has forgotten that the Technion's right to exist is the need to teach subjects forbidden to us in the past."

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Arutz Sheva Staff ,

צילום: Hadas Parush/Flash90

Dozens of students from the Technion in Haifa demonstrate this morning (Sunday) against the university's intention to block students' access to recordings of lessons and lectures from the past year and a half.

The students demonstrated at the gate to the Technion and blocked the entrance to the building. Later, they entered the building and demonstrated in front of the office of Prof.Uri Sivan, President of the Technion.

According to the report, in preparation for the 2022 school year, the Technion's administration announced a full return to frontal studies, but the students demand that, in addition to the frontal studies, they also record the lessons so that it is possible to study and complete the lectures from home.

A letter sent by the chairman of the Technion Student Association, Ido Biran, and his deputy Linoy Nagar Shaul, stated that the Technion management is not attentive to their needs." We are summarizing months of effort in trying to reach an understanding with the Technion's management regarding the accessibility of the recordings of the lectures and exercises for students," it was written. "The president of the Technion, in a way that does not befit a person in his position, did not even bother to reply to the letter we sent to him."

According to them, "the administration has forgotten that the Technion's historic right to exist is the need to teach students technical subjects that they were unable to study elsewhere in the world and to turn Haifa into an industrial and transport center."

"We see our struggle as an important milestone that will greatly contribute to the training of engineers, scientists, architects and physicians," they said. "The Technion Student Association has a reputation for being a matter-of-fact and restrained association that represents students who came to study."

"At first we tried dialogue, but now we have no choice," they said. "We will ask for your understanding and cooperation in a series of steps that we will announce soon, including demonstrations, roadblocks, performances and disruption of the semester."

"Together we will be the catalyst that will shake up the institution, whose prestige outside its walls, does not reflect the mental stagnation, fear and conservatism of its current management. And to the management we say: The students are an asset of the Technion and not the burden of the administration."

Technion's response:

''The Technion operates according to the current coronavirus guidelines. In addition with face-to-face teaching in classrooms, learning from a distance is made possible for students - the lessons are available for viewing or are recorded.

''Attending campus is a first-rate educational value. If anyone doubts this, the last three semesters teach that encounters with academic staff and other students are essential to the training and education of engineers, doctors, scientists, architects and high-tech people. The Technion wishes its students a successful school year."