Elkin reveals what was in the bag

, "Of course I arrived with a bag. But seriously - these were aerial photo maps."

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President Putin, PM Bennett and Minister Elkin
President Putin, PM Bennett and Minister Elkin
Kobi Gideon / GPO

Construction and Housing Minister Ze'ev Elkin (New Hope), who attended a meeting between Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Russian President Vladimir Putin, responded to the growing curiosity of the last day since pictures were published of Elkin holding a bag ahead of the meeting in Sochi.

In an interview with 103FM radio, he said, "Of course I arrived with a bag. But seriously - these were aerial photo maps." When asked if the aerial photos were of the area near us or even far from us, Elkin responded: "I will not elaborate."

Since the corona situation in Russia is complex, the president did not want more people in the room so only the prime minister and I were in the room. There were some big aerial photos. I got the bag from the embassy. This is about Israel's security."

In light of the lengthening of the meeting between Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Russian President Vladimir Putin, which took place on Friday afternoon in the city of Sochi, Bennett postponed his return to Israel and remained in Sochi with the entourage and Minister Ze'ev Elkin.

The Jewish community prepared all the Shabbat needs, along with a Torah scroll, Siddur and prayer shawls that were handed over to the Prime Minister's entourage. The delegation's Shabbat meal was held at the hotel, with the participation of Prime Minister Bennett, which was conducted and hosted by the mayor of Sochi and the Chabad emissary, Rabbi Shalom Lazar.

Before the Kiddush, Bennett said that the meeting with President Putin was warm and cordial. During the meal he gave over a Dvar Torah: "What I learn from our father Abraham and the binding of Isaac, is that faith and security is not an insurance policy with G-d - that everything is always understood, but when someone believes, there may be difficulties, there will be falls, but faith in God is to do everything, the maximum we can do, and believe the rest In his hands and he will arrange everything exactly as it should be."

Bennett continued: "I want to thank Chabad, a Jewish organization that is second to none in the world, for the warm welcome, and their dedication and sacred work they do here in Russia, and in every corner of the world."

Rabbi Lazar said Kiddush and added "I want to thank the Prime Minister and the whole delegation for the great privilege of hosting you here in Sochi this special Shabbat. The Lubavitcher Rebbe explains the great importance of accompanying a guest. Through Divine Intervention you remained here, and you privileged us not only to welcome you, but also to accompany you properly; I want to thank you for sanctifying the name of God you have done here in the city, and the strengthening it has given to our community and to all the Jews of Russia."

In a private conversation afterward, the prime minister told the rabbi: "The president told me about the good relations here with the Jewish community. I want all Chabad emissaries to know - I admire you without limit, and love you. may you go strong and continue to make a difference."