MK Rotman 'leaves no stone unturned' to return father home

MK Rotman heard about a married Yeshiva student with a new baby who was arrested for bureaucracy he did not arrange with the IDF and traveled to prison to help release him.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

MK Simcha Rotman
MK Simcha Rotman
Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

A haredi married yeshiva student who was asked to present an identification card to a police officer during a routine check-up was arrested after it was discovered that he did not regulate his status in the IDF and was considered a deserter.

The man was a father of four young children, his baby daughter was born less than a week ago. He was in custody for several days and begged to end the proceedings to stay last Shabbat with his children and wife who had just given birth.

The person who came to his aid was actually MK Simcha Rotman of the Religious Zionism party, who dropped everything about two hours before the beginning of Shabbat, and went to see to his release.

Haredi journalist Ariel Elharrar, who first publicized the story, updated on the noble deed of MK Rothman and praised him. "Many thanks to MK Simcha Rotman who dropped everything two hours before Shabbat and went to Prison 10 to try to release the arrested married yeshiva student and was successful," Elharrar wrote on Friday on Twitter.

"The father is on his way home with Rotman, as soon as he realized there was a new mother and 4 other small children who needed their father he turned over every stone for them, and of course thanks to everyone who helped and wants to stay behind the scenes," he added. "Champion".

The chairman of the Religious Zionism Party, MK Bezalel Smotrich, added: "Anyone who knows Simcha knows that with his perseverance and determination there is no wall he will not break in his way to help people who need it. Great pride goes to Religious Zionism and the National Camp blessed with a loyal public messenger like him."