Lapid leads formation of economic forum with India, UAE, and US

Ministers from US, UAE, India, and Israel agree to form international forum for economic cooperation.

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שיחת הוועידה
שיחת הוועידה
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Last night, a virtual meeting was held between the U.S. Secretary of State, the Minister of External Affairs of India, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United Arab Emirates, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Israel.

The Ministers decided to establish an international forum for economic cooperation.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Lapid, who initiated the meeting during his visit to Washington, said at the start of the meeting:

“Around this virtual table - there is a unique set of capabilities, knowledge, and experience that can be used to create the network that we all want to see created.”

“I think the word we’re looking for here is synergy, because this is what we’re going to try and create starting with this meeting. Synergy that will help us work together on infrastructure, digital infrastructure, transport, maritime security and other things that preoccupy us all.”

“The key to success is how quickly can we move from ‘government-to-government’ to ‘business-to-business’?” How quickly can we turn this into a working process that will put boots on the ground, changing infrastructure around the world.”

During the meeting, the four ministers held a discussion on possibilities for joint infrastructure projects in the fields of transportation, technology, maritime security, and economics and trade, as well as for additional joint projects.

At the end of the conversation, it was decided that each minister will appoint senior-level professionals to a joint working group that will formulate options for cooperation in the aforementioned areas.

The intention is to hold an in-person meeting of the ministers in the coming months at Expo 2020 in Dubai.