Chaim Zippel - 15 years old and already a star

Watch: Chaim Zippel always loved to sing since he was a child. He came to our studio to talk about music and childhood.

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Chaim Zippel
Chaim Zippel
Arutz Sheva

When you are 15 years old and you are already a mini star in Israel you need to come to Real Talk and have a little chat with me and tell us all about it!

Chaim Zippel always loved to sing since he was a child, his round smiley face and small freckles made him already popular as soon as he moved to Israel from London at the age of 9 years old.

The combination of having an Italian born father from the Zippel family and an Israeli mother from the Fluck family gave him a touch of uniqueness, he speaks fluently 5 languages and is at home in Milan, London, Vienna, and Tel Aviv, although his family eventually ended up settling in Jerusalem.

From singing at family gatherings and birthdays to slowly working his way up, Chaim ended up being selected for the very popular TV show "bet sefer le musica".

There he was coached by the famous singer Harel Skat and eventually came to win second place.
Chaim became one of the favorites and most popular faces in the show, he was known as the "charedi" boy, he never sang with a girl on stage, always wore his tzitzit out, and sang proper songs.

Chaim is now always busy singing at concerts, he is often a guest at radio stations and talent shows even though his most important thing right now is to be in yeshiva. He is closely followed by his parents who don't leave him a second alone and always watch over him.

Chaim is very much influenced by famous singer Avraham Freid who regularly calls him, learns with him, and "protects" him as much as he can teaching him how to stay on the right track and keeping his feet firmly on the ground.

Chaim's latest video clip is a remake of "never enough":

His latest single in Hebrew is שמע השם: