Senior Israeli Official:
Israel disappointed with Biden administration's Iran policy

'US behavior is creating a huge headache for us.' Top official says Israel frustrated with White House's handling of Iran nuclear program.

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ביידן ובנט
ביידן ובנט
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Israel is preparing to take unilateral steps to prevent Iran from continuing its enrichment of uranium, according to a source cited in a report by Israel Hayom.

Tuesday morning’s report cited senior Israeli officials who said that the US under the Biden administration has done little to bar Iran from rapidly ratcheting up its uranium enrichment efforts.

“Already Iran is enriching uranium at levels of 60%, which everyone agrees is not for civilian uses,” one senior official said. “The Americans fully acknowledge this, they understand the situation. But the situation with them is difficult. They’re stalling for time, they aren’t moving. Their behavior is creating a serious headache for us.”

A second senior Israeli official cited in the report said that “the situation is indeed difficult, both in terms of what this government inherited, and also in terms of the international” lack of resolve to confront Iran.

Israeli security experts, the source continued, are essentially unanimous in their opinion that Israel must not accept Iran enriching uranium at high levels.

On Monday, it was reported that amid efforts by the Biden administration to bring Iran to the negotiating table for Tehran’s possible return to the 2015 nuclear deal, Israel has quietly approved a 5 billion shekel military spending plan aimed at enhancing Israel’s ability to strike at Iran’s nuclear program.