Israel Real Estate Show in New York has range of properties to offer American buyers

Gidon Katz, the producer of the Israel Real Estate Show, taking place November 14 in New York, speaks to Arutz Sheva about buying in Israel.

Yoni Kempinski , | updated: 1:08 PM

Real estate
Real estate

The producer of the Israel Real Estate Show, which will take place in New York on November 14, says that there are two categories of Americans buying real estate in Israel.

The event is a special production in cooperation with Arutz Sheva.

There are those making aliyah in the next year and those who are longterm, who want to start with a vacation home and slowly but surely make it to Israel, Gidon Katz tells Arutz Sheva in an exclusive interview.

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The pandemic “stopped them from buying what they wanted to buy, investing in what they wanted to invest in, and living their dream. So we are giving them the opportunity. We are coming to them.”

Katz says that the Israel Real Estate Show will teach those in attendance how to invest in a property in Israel.

“For anyone who has been following the market, buying property in Israel is one of the best investments, besides the spiritual part of having a property in the Holy Land,” Katz explains.

Property investments in Israel have “gone up rapidly in the last 10 years.” So much so that “the growth is to a degree that Israelis are complaining.”

At the conference, the organizers and participants will give all the info about where to buy for investing in a property. Attendees meet the builders themselves. There are lectures about how to buy and where to buy, along with lots of informational material.

They'll explain about anglo communities in Israel where it’s trendy to live.

Many potential investors want to know who their neighbors will be. Katz explains that there are many different options - some want a closed anglo community, some want semi-closed.

“Traditionally, many anglos like living with familiar neighbors, familiar culture, familiar language. It makes it easy in the first few years. Then they could decide to move to wherever they want. It’s a good start for them, a good start for their children. Many want to maintain the English language and culture. They feel they want to contribute to the Israeli community but they want to maintain what they have from back home.”

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Katz says that most of the events he was part of were cancelled during the pandemic, but they are finally getting back to normal.

“We fee that the audience is waiting for it," Katz says. "People in New York are waiting to meet people face to face, with restrictions of vaccinated people only. We’re following the rules by the book. I'm sure they’ll see lots of vendors that have lots to offer them.”