Damage from hospital cyberattack may take 'days or weeks' to fix

Medical information may have been erased and cannot be retrieved, report says.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Cyber attack
Cyber attack

Professionals estimate that fixing the error caused by a cyberattack on Hadera's Hillel Yaffe Medical Center will take "days or weeks" due to the significant damage caused, Kan News reported.

In addition, there is concern that medical information was erased, and cannot be retrieved.

Meanwhile, some of the hospitals have begun planning for the event that a wave of cyberattacks will hit them and cause damage.

The estimation includes changing the work policies in institutions. At this point, there are no indications that the attacks are nationalist in nature.

Last week, the National Cyber Directorate warned businesses across Israel that there is a possibility of similar attacks against other hospitals and businesses across Israel.