His bride-to-be is wonderful, but something is bothering his mother

She tried to push the thought away, but the more she resisted, the more it ate at her.

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Mrs. Segal and her son's bride-to-be
Mrs. Segal and her son's bride-to-be
Vaad HaRabbanim

Yehudis Segal couldn’t help but shriek as she watched Moishy and Mimi walk through the threshold of her apartment, cheeks flushed and eyes twinkling.

“Mazel tov!” she cried, giving her son and then his new kallah a tight embrace.

Moishy had been dating Mimi for several weeks and tonight, he had finally popped the question. Yehudis was amazed to see that Mimi was exactly as Moishy had described over the past few weeks: Warm, intelligent, fun, and possessing beautiful middos. But as the l’chaim continued on, something in Yehudis’ stomach started to churn. She tried to push the thought away, but the more she resisted, the more it ate at her…

Was the wedding even possible?

Yehudis’ husband Shimon had tragically passed away when Moishy was only 11, and as a mother Yehudis truly struggled every single day to pick up the broken pieces and keep her family from breaking. Emotionally, financially and physically, supporting a family with eleven kids on her own was a momentous challenge, not to mention doing it all while processing the pain of her own aching loss. Now, so many years later, this was just what the family needed -- a simcha. But how would she manage to pull off this wedding on her own when she barely was able to pay for chicken for Shabbos?

Like any mother, all Yehudis wants is for her son to be happy. But in this case, she can’t do that without the help of strangers across the world. Donations are being collected here to help this almanah walk her son towards the chuppah without fear, and to help a family who has been through so much pain dance at their own long-awaited, well-deserved simcha.