Israel: Winter weather brings flood risks

Temperatures remain high as forecasters predict light rainfall, warn of flood risk.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Rain (illustrative)
Rain (illustrative)
Flash 90

Following Tuesday's light rainfall, Wednesday is expected to be partly cloudy or clear. Temperatures will drop slightly, especially inland and in the mountains, but will remain above seasonal average.

During the morning hours, there may still be light rainfall, and there is a slight chance of flooding in eastern and southern Israel. The heat will be light to moderate in the mountains, moderate along the coast, in the lowlands, and in the northern Negev, and moderate to heavy in the northern valleys, Jordan Valley, Dead Sea, and Arava areas.

Lior Sudry, a forecaster for Meteo-Tech, told Israel Hayom that Thursday and Friday will be partly cloudy or clear, with temperatures above seasonal average, especially inland and in the mountains.

Saturday will see a rise in temperatures and a drop in humidity. Temperatures will be above seasonal average, and the weather will be hot and dry in most areas of Israel. There will be partial cloud cover.

Sunday will see a drop in temperatures and a rise in humidity. The skies will be cloudy or partly cloudy, and there may be local rainfall.