Steady decline in COVID cases, number of seriously ill patients

Just 1.88% of COVID tests returned positive, as number of seriously ill patients continues to fall.

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Arutz Sheva Staff ,

דוגמת בדיקות קורונה
דוגמת בדיקות קורונה
צילום: Michael Giladi/Flash90

A total of 1,457 new cases of the coronavirus were diagnosed across Israel Sunday, according to data released by the Health Ministry Monday morning, up from 1,030 new cases reported a day earlier.

Despite the increase in the total number of new cases diagnosed, the percentage of tests coming back positive fell on Sunday, declining to 1.88%, down from 1.99% on Saturday. That is the lowest level recorded since July 24th.

There are now 25,155 known active cases of the virus across Israel, including 638 hospitalized patients with COVID.

Since the pandemic began, 1,306,333 confirmed cases of the virus have been reported.

The number of seriously ill patients declined Monday, falling from 457 on Sunday down to 447. Of those, 222 are in critical condition, with 186 on respirators.

The infection coefficient, which measures the decline or expansion of the pandemic, fell to 0.70 on September 30th, the latest day for which data is available, falling from 0.71 the day before. The reproduction coefficient (R) has remained below 1.0 since September 6th, marking a decline in the pandemic.

Thus far, a total of 7,920 coronavirus-related fatalities have been recorded across Israel, including four deaths on Sunday.