Girl Hid The Real Reason She Was Always At Friends' Houses

She came to us with tears on her cheeks...

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Rav Dovid Twersky, also known as the "Rachmastrivka Rebbe"
Rav Dovid Twersky, also known as the "Rachmastrivka Rebbe"
צילום: Vaad HaRabbanim

“My parents both have health issues and I basically raised myself. Life has been very hard at times, but Thank G-d now I am engaged! I am so very thrilled and grateful to be starting this new chapter in my life. My parents of course can’t help me financially so incredibly, none other than R' Chaim Kanievsky, R' Dovid Twersky, R' Chaim Feinstein, and R' Naftali Nussbaum have all been monumental in trying to help me get married. To anyone and everyone who participates-- Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”- Esther Levin

When Esther Levine was brought by her mentor to the home of R' Chaim Kanievsky, her story was so dire, and her tears were so genuine, that she moved all who met her. Just a few hours later four of the biggest Rabbis joined hands to pen a remarkable letter that would confirm the validity and urgency of her moving story to the public. The following is the English translation of the letter that they wrote:

“To our brothers, Jewish people: The cry of a bride who has known suffering and wandering as a result of the health of both of her parents, both her father and her mother are ill, and with G-d’s help even though it was difficult she coped with her hardship. She has grown up to be a wonderful person, and she is now engaged.

She came to us with tears on her cheeks, who can help her? Both of her parents are unable to function, they are unable to provide her with anything needed for the wedding. She is alone in the battle...

This is a great mitzvah of saving a life of a Jew as her entire future depends on this, and G-d forbid that she should be ashamed. She needs help and support to be escorted to the canopy and to establish a true Torah home.

Therefore we ask that everyone donate generous amounts to save her...All those who support and donate should merit blessing from the Father of the brokenhearted, health in body and in mind for him and his entire family, with long life.”

Esther has had such a challenging life, and this is her single chance to turn a new leaf and to create a Jewish home with a family of her own. All those who donate should merit to see the blessings of the Rabbis coming true very soon. Click here to visit her wedding fund.