36% of Israeli teachers don't have vaccine pass

75,000 teachers lack valid Green Pass after two million Israelis lose pass following expiration for second vaccine.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

בתי ספר
בתי ספר
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More than one-third of Israeli teachers lack valid proof of vaccination or recovery from COVID, as the Israeli government reboots its Green Pass requirement.

According to a report by Israel Hayom Monday morning, just 64% of teachers are currently eligible for the Green Pass system, leaving 36%, or some 75,000 teachers, without either valid proof of vaccination or recovery.

Without either, those teachers will be required to undergo regular COVID tests, furnishing new tests every 72 hours – at their own expense – or be barred from teaching.

On Sunday, the Coronavirus Cabinet voted to reimpose the new Green Pass system starting Tuesday, after the previous Green Pass expired Sunday. Some two million Israelis who had received the original Green Pass lost their eligibility for the pass, as they received the second dose of the vaccine or recovered from the virus more than six months ago.

Thus far, the number of unvaccinated teachers who have refused to undergo testing every three days has remained relatively small, with only a few hundred teachers barred from school.

However, with the significant increase in the number of teachers lacking valid Green Passes, the Education Ministry is closely monitoring teacher absences.