Haim Ramon: 'The blood of those who died of coronavirus is on Bennett's hands'

Former Labor minister calls on PM Naftali Bennett to resign his position: 'If he caused the deaths of hundreds, he should draw conclusions.'

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Haim Ramon
Haim Ramon
Yossi Aloni/Flash90

Former Labor minister Haim Ramon slammed Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett for failing to properly manage the coronavirus pandemic, claiming that the media is to blame for unceasingly attacking former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

"Bennett built an Israeli model, he's proud of it, but he caused a deterioration in the State of Israel," Ramon told 103 FM Radio. "In the month of June, we were at the top of the battle against coronavirus, in all areas: confirmed cases, deaths, serious cases, and vaccinations. Now we're at the bottom."

"The blood of the dead is on Bennett's hands," he emphasized.

Later in the interview, Ramon called on Bennett to resign his position, saying, "A worthy person, who as a result of adopting a very erroneous model in opposition to all the European countries, if he caused the deaths of hundreds, he needs to draw conclusions."

"In Europe, if in June we were in 27th place with regards to the number of dead, today we're ninth place," he added. "In Europe they stopped the pandemic by using restrictions, and they didn't make a lockdown anywhere."

Ramon also questioned why the media does not criticize Bennett the way it criticized his predecessor, Netanyahu.

"It's good that Netanyahu was replaced, but we need to return to normalcy - and normalcy means that the media will say both what's good about the Bennett government, but also what its failures are," he said. "The chance that Netanyahu will be back is very small, and we need to get back to normal."