Friends Of Levison Family Express Concern After They Experience Something Horrific

We are overwhelmed with grief.

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 She Didn’t Want Her Kids To Know...So She Pretended Everything Was Fine
She Didn’t Want Her Kids To Know...So She Pretended Everything Was Fine
צילום: Darchei Miriam

It’s been a week since the Levinson family unthinkable grief when their 50-year-old father R’ Meir Levinson tragically passed after a two year battle with cancer. R’ Levison leaves behind ten young orphans and his widow, Penina.

“He fought cancer for two and a half years, but G-d decided that it was time for him to go.,” shared Penina several days after his death.

“We are overwhelmed with grief. He was such a good father and husband...I just can’t believe that he’s really gone.”

Friends of the family express concern for the Levinson family, describing how the family struggled to pay rent when Meir stopped working after his diagnosis and how the newly widowed Penina is trying to mask her concern so as not to frighten her children.

“I am now the mother of 10 orphans. We are heartbroken, and my kids haven’t even begun to comprehend how desperate our situation is now”, she explains.

“We have no money left-- All the money we did have went towards Meir’s treatments, and after surviving off of just my income alone for several years, we are barely scraping by. I honestly don’t know how I will feed my children this month without his support.”

Funds are being collected by Darchei Miriam to help the Levinsons recover from the blow of their terrible loss. Although no amount of money can ever ease the pain of losing their beloved father, it can give them the stability and comfort they need to process their tragedy together as a family. Please click here to send comfort their way.