'Time to restore deterrence'

Chairman of Sdot Negev Regional Council welcomes elimination of terrorists, urges government to show same determination towards Hamas in Gaza.

Ben Ariel ,

Tamir Idan
Tamir Idan
Flash 90

Tamir Idan, chairman of the Sdot Negev Regional Council which is located near the Gaza border, commented on Sunday on the elimination of the terrorists as part of the IDF's arrest operation in Jenin and Ramallah.

"We welcome the IDF's action to thwart the attack and wish a speedy recovery to the two IDF fighters who were wounded in the incident. Thanks to them, and thanks to our heroic soldiers, the citizens of the country can continue with their normal routine and celebrate the holidays in peace and security."

"The IDF acted as expected of it and acted accordingly. The terrorist organizations must understand that the IDF's long arm will reach anyone who tries to harm Israeli citizens," Idan added.

He called on the defense establishment to take the same determination towards Hamas in Gaza. "Unfortunately, we are once again witnessing threats from terrorist organizations calling for an escalation and response to Israel in general and to communities on the Israeli border in particular. It is important to note that despite the security challenges, the border communities are undergoing tremendous development and with a constant increase in the number of residents who choose to live in them due to Zionism and who give full support and backing to the state and the IDF to carry out any action that will be required to maintain the security of the state."

"We call on the Prime Minister and the Minister of Defense to change the equation and initiate actions without delay in order to restore deterrence and prevent harm to civilians and soldiers, including targeted eliminations. No terrorist organization should threaten a sovereign state," Idan said.