Car ramming attack attempted at LA synagogue Sukkot concert

Man purposely drives car down alley directly into congregants who miraculously are able to jump out of the way, with no serious injuries.

Dan Verbin ,

Los Angeles
Los Angeles

The congregants of a synagogue in Los Angeles were the victim of an anti-Semitic attack during a Sukkot concert on Wednesday evening when a man attempted to ram his car into a crowd of people.

The StopAntisemitism organization reported that “during a Jewish event, [a] man was filmed canvasing the event, yelling ‘I’m a real Muslim. I'll show you what real terrorism looks like!’ He returned 20 minutes later and tried to run over Jewish women and kids.”

According to Magen Am, who were providing security for the event, the attacker drove his black Toyota Corolla at accelerating speeds down a one-way alley directly into a crowd of women and children as the Shaarei Tefila synagogue concert was about to end.

The group of as many as 30 people were able to dodge the oncoming car. It then came to a sudden halt in front of a metal gate. The driver yelled, “F*** the Jews” and drove off.

“He slammed the gas to full throttle down an alley full of people. Thank G-d there were no physical injuries,” tweeted Magen Am. “Woman and children (it was on the woman's side) were left trembling from shock and fear after scrambling to the sides to get out the way.”

Additional Magen Am personnel were called to the scene and helped secure the area until the LAPD arrived.

“Magen Am then worked with LAPD to speak with witnesses and file reports and statements,” said Magen Am.

The license plate of the car is known. StopAntisemitism said they were also in contact with the LAPD pertaining to the attack.

The concert was attended by around 500 people.