Arabs demonstrate in support of terrorists imprisoned in Israel

High Monitoring Committee of Israeli Arabs organizes demonstration in support of terrorist prisoners outside Kishon Detention Center.

Dalit Halevi ,

Mohammad Barakeh
Mohammad Barakeh
Gideon Markowicz/Flash 90

A group of Israeli Arab demonstrators, along with a number of left-wing activists, demonstrated on Sunday evening outside the Kishon Detention Center in support of what they called the "prisoners of freedom," a phrase that refers to terrorists imprisoned in Israel.

The demonstration in support of the terrorists was initiated by the High Monitoring Committee of Israeli Arabs, and the demonstrators held up posters that read, among other things: "From Nazareth to Jenin, we are your people, Palestine", "Freedom for the prisoners of freedom", "We are a people that will not renounce its imprisoned and detained sons", "We demand to investigate the crime of torturing the detainees".

The Panet website reported former MK Mohammad Barakeh, who heads the High Monitoring Committee of Israeli Arabs, and other Arab Knesset members, took part in the demonstration in which Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) flags were waved.