'Jailbreak wasn't a serious escape attempt'

Fugitives reveal how they were almost discovered hiding out in bushes in Jewish city of Afula.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Gilboa prison
Gilboa prison

The lawyer for the last two captured fugitives of the six who escaped two weeks ago from Gilboa prison has revealed several previously unknown details of the escape and events as they unfolded in the days following the prison break.

The lawyer for Iham Kamamji and Munadil Nafiyat told media that the two fugitives related to him how they reached the northern city of Afula two days after their escape and hid out in the city among dense bushes. According to their account, a group of soldiers searching for them passed very close by and failed to detect them.

The lawyer added that IDF forces shot in the direction of the two escapees on two separate occasions – once while they were in Afula and another time as they entered the Jenin refugee camp, on the third day after their escape. The two remained together for the first few days they spent in Jenin, and were captured separately a few days later.

On Sunday morning, the Nazareth District Court extended the remand of the other four of the six fugitives by ten days; separately, the other two also had their remand extended by ten days.

Avigdor Feldman, the lawyer representing Zakaria Zubeidi, told the Kan Bet news outlet what his client related to him: “He told me that he crawled down a tunnel for half an hour, maybe longer,” he said. “They had a very hard job lifting the lid. When they finally emerged, no one was waiting for them.

“I have no doubt that within a few days, the hype around this incident will have shrunk to its correct proportions,” Feldman added. “This wasn’t really a serious attempt at an escape. Zakaria told me that after he emerged from the tunnel, he glanced up at the watchtower and saw that it was empty, and he was sure that it meant that they were already after him and that he’d be caught any minute.”