Disabled persons protest blocks train tracks at Atlit

"The struggle for the disabled is stepping things up a notch."

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Arutz Sheva Staff ,

הנכים חוסמים את מפגש הרכבת בעתלית
הנכים חוסמים את מפגש הרכבת בעתלית
צילום: דוברות מאבק הנכים

The group "The disabled become panthers" this morning (Sunday) blocked the railway tracks in the Atlit area while its members placed their wheelchairs on the tracks and handcuffed them to each other.

Due to the protest, train traffic was stopped in the section between Hof Hacarmel and Binyamina stations.

The leader of the protest, Eyal Cohen, said he was calling on the government to wake up. "For us, the Ministry of Finance and the Israeli government have broken the rules of the game. We cannot accept the long time we are waiting for the money promised to us, so the struggle for the disabled is taking things up another step."

Disabled people's struggle groups have announced that if the Treasury's delay in transferring the money promised to the disabled continues, the protest will be intensified, possibly during the weekdays of Sukkot.