IDF condemns officer who shoved demonstrator

An IDF reaction to footage of an officer throwing a demonstrator on the ground said the officer is 'not aligned with expectations.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

רגע הדחיפה
רגע הדחיפה
צילום מסך

Six activists were injured Friday during a protest near the town of Abigail in the Mount Hebron region. The activists claimed that they were only attempting to transfer water to Palestinians living in the area.

The IDF said that the demonstrators blocked the entrance to the town, tried to physically attack the soldiers, cursed and threatened, and even lay on the wheels of the military vehicles.

A video from the incident shows an IDF officer hurling a protestor from the road.

The IDF stated that, "The behavior displayed in this video does not align with what the IDF expects from its officers. The incident is being investigated for applicable implications."

The Im Tirtzu movement denounced the IDF's statement, claiming that it was detached from the reality faced by soldiers in the area.

"We believe the soldiers, not the activists who routinely harass them. The IDF Spokesperson's Office needs to stop criticizing our soldiers and begin supporting them," the movement stated.