A Green Pass to Europe:
Israel, European Union, agree to recognize coronavirus vaccine certificates

New agreement will allow vaccinated Israelis to access European Green Pass, allowing access to restaurants, cultural centers, and more.

Ido Ben Porat ,

Berlin Brandenburg Airport
Berlin Brandenburg Airport

Israel and the European Union (EU) on Wednesday reached an agreement to recognize each others' coronavirus vaccine certificates.

The agreement was reached following the efforts of professionals from both the European Union and Israel's Health Ministry and Foreign Ministry to create a joint diplomatic and technological infrastructure.

The details are expected to be ironed out at the beginning of October and will be based on mutual recognition, allowing Israeli citizens who have an Israeli vaccination certificate to receive access to the European Green Pass allowing entry into restaurants, cultural centers, public institutions, and so on, in accordance with the coronavirus regulations in each country.

The mutual recognition will lessen the burden on Israeli businesses and tourists visiting European Union countries, as well as prepare the ground for the reopening of Israel's tourism sector to absorb European tourists.

In addition to the European Union countries, the agreement will allow vaccinated Israelis access to the Green Pass system in every additional country connected to the system.

The mutual recognition is not a replacement for the entry requirements of each EU country and the State of Israel itself, and each country has the right to set its own conditions for entry (vaccination, coronavirus tests, or quarantine).

Foreign Minister Yair Lapid (Yesh Atid) said: "The ability to travel and visit the world provides a basis for ensuring ties between nations and countries. Mutual recognition of vaccine certificates between Israel and the European Union is an important step in preparing the ground for returning to routine in everything connected to aviation and tourism connections between Israel and the EU. I praise the staffs at the Foreign Ministry and Health Ministry headquarters and at the Israeli Embassy to the European Union in Brussels, for this important achievement."

Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz (Meretz) said: "This is a great step in our efforts to make life easier for the public and to allow normal life alongside coronavirus. Europe recognizes the Israeli vaccine certificate, and we recognize the vaccine certificate from European countries. This will allow significant relief for aviation, tourism, and the economic relationships. This is how we work in all areas of life: A determined battle against the pandemic and a great effort to vaccinate, while maintaining an open economy, the culture, schools, and places of employment. I thank the Health Ministry and Foreign Ministry professionals for this process."