Survey: 11% of Israeli children with COVID have symptoms after recovering

Health Ministry survey finds thousands of children develop 'long COVID symptoms' after recovering from the disease

Arutz Sheva Staff ,


Over one in ten Israeli children who have recovered from the coronavirus continued to experience symptoms long after getting over the disease, according to a new report by the Health Ministry.

The telephone survey was conducted among 13,834 parents of children aged 3-18 years who had recovered from the coronavirus. The survey collected background data, information regarding the period in which the infection occurred and information regarding the period after the children's recovery from the disease.

The survey found that persistent symptoms, known as 'Long COVID' continued among 11.2% of COVID-positive children in the State of Israel following their recovery, and 1.8% -4.6% of them, depending on their age, were left with symptoms as much as six months after their illness at the time of the survey.

A correlation was found between the age of the child and the chance of experiencing long-term symptoms. As the age of the child increases the chance of the syndrome also increases. Among children aged 3-6 years, long-term symptoms were found in 1.8%, compared with 4.6% among 12- to 18-year-olds.

Another correlation was found between symptomatic illness and the likelihood of experiencing long-term symptoms thereafter. Among adolescents aged 12-18 years who developed symptoms, 5.6% had Long COVID and compared with 3.5% among those who did not experience symptoms when they tested positive for the virus. A similar picture can also be seen among other age groups.

In conclusion, based on the cumulative findings in Israel and the rest of the world, it was founds that the coronavirus has long-term effects not only on the adult population but also among children. The rate of reported long-term morbidity means that there are thousands of children in Israel with long-term symptoms.