Anti-COVID-restriction activist claimed he'd been poisoned prior to death

In live feed before his death, Hai Shoulian claimed he'd been poisoned. His wife heard saying: "Doctor told him, 'today you're gonna die.'"

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Hai Shoulian
Hai Shoulian
Yehonatan Gottleib

Footage posted on social media claims that foul play may have been behind the death of prominent anti-COVID-restriction activist Hai Shoulian, who on Monday died of COVID-19.

In a video posted to Facebook by Haim Yativ of the anti-government organization Nakim Yisrael, a woman reported to be the late Shoulian's wife is heard saying, "Yesterday, Hai wrote me that the doctor came to him and told him, 'Today, you're gonna die.'

"It turns out, today he died."

Afterward, a clip of Shoulian's live feed from the hospital prior to his death is shown in which he claims he had been poisoned.

"I know that what I'm about to say is going to sound strange to some people, but last Thursday, in Jerusalem Police, I was arrested from Thursday to Friday at 3, when the judge released me."

"They beat me to a pulp on my whole body. I don't think they even behave so harshly to terrorists. They put a knee on my neck, and it hurt me all week. They broke my toes. My body had marks all over, and bruises in recent days.

"I felt they did something to me there," he adds. "I felt that on Saturday night I was collapsing. I think - and I say this with a clear mind insofar as I can - Jerusalem Police tried to poison me.

"They gave me substances...and I am an army medical man, I'm not a sucker, I don't get excited by arrests, I don't get excited by small things.

"I know that for a long time the Health Ministry has been trying to arrest me and bother me. You know what they do to me on Facebook, they took down my videos.

"They weakened me, and I felt something, like they weakened my whole body with some substance or something, and I felt terrible.

"I'm telling you this was an attempt to kill me, and if anything happens to me - know that this is the exact reality," he is seen saying.