Report: Health Ministry fears rise of COVID 'infection parties'

Phenomenon of parents trying to get their children infected with COVID to secure them Green Passports raises concerns among health experts.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

ילדים תלמידים בית ספר schools children coronavirus
ילדים תלמידים בית ספר schools children coronavirus
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Israeli Health Ministry officials are expressing concerns over the growing phenomenon of parents intentionally exposing their children to the novel coronavirus, in the hopes of having them gain natural immunity to the virus and secure green passes as recovered COVID patients.

According to a report by Yediot Aharanot, Health Ministry officials have received reports of parents using social media networks to discuss arranging COVID ‘infection parties’, whereby children are intentionally brought in contact with other children who have tested positive for the virus, with the goal of having them be naturally infected and gain both immunity and a green pass.

The ‘infection parties’, akin to the phenomenon of parents intentionally bringing their children into contact with kids infected with chicken pox prior to the development of the vaccine for the disease, are seen by some parents as an alternative to vaccination.

But Health Ministry officials cautioned against such ‘infection parties’, warning that they could be dangerous for children.

“An incentive has been made for young people and children to get infected in order to get recognized as having recovered [from COVID],” health officials wrote, according to the report, warning that children run the risk of suffering serious long-term health effects from the virus.

“During the last wave of the pandemic, dozens of children were hospitalized with inflammatory symptoms which showed up after the illness, and there were at least four or five other serious cases among children,” said Prof. Zachi Grossman, Secretary General of the Israel Pediatric Association.

“Anyone who does this needs to be aware that he is putting his child’s life in danger.”