Merav Michaeli: We've just begun. Ayelet Shaked: You've finished

Labor party head anticipates further attacks on right-wing NGOs, after Finance Committee stalls tax-benefits approval for right-wing NGO "Ad Kan."

Ido Ben Porat ,

Ayelet Shaked (r.) and Merav Michaeli
Ayelet Shaked (r.) and Merav Michaeli
Yonatan Sindel/Flash90 and Shlomi Yosef

On Sunday, the Knesset’s Finance Committee decided to stall the process of granting non-profit status and associated tax benefits to the right-wing Ad Kan organization, and the news was greeted with rejoicing by left-wing organizations which have long sought to discredit Ad Kan.

Also responding with satisfaction was Labor party head and Transportation Minister Merav Michaeli, who wrote on Twitter, “And we’ve just begun.”

In response, Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked wrote, “And you’ve finished. Once the Tax Authority clarifies the issue, it will be returned to the Finance Committee and Ad Kan will be authorized.”

Also responding was the chairman of the Likud party, MK Yariv Levin, who said, “Minister Shaked, tonight, did you finally realize that you’re in a left-wing government? You can still change that. Bring this evil government down and establish a true right-wing government together with us.”

In a statement, Ad Kan noted that, “Following a series of attacks on the part of anti-Israeli organizations which are funded by foreign governments, we at Ad Kan know that we are working in the right direction. This time, we are up against an attempt to prevent us from receiving Clause 46 approval, with people presenting unprecedented false accusations against us. Those disseminating such lies have already been dealt with in a number of libel cases in the past.

“Those illegitimate organizations have now been joined by MK Naama Lazimi, friend of terrorist supporter Ofer Kassif, and other officials from the Meretz party – all of whom have banded together to harm an organization headed by IDF officers and fighters who work to protect our IDF soldiers and the State of Israel on the international stage.

“We understand the need of this Knesset member to do a publicity round in order to make her name known, but we will not permit her to do so at the expense of IDF soldiers. If she stands behind her lies, we call on her to drop her parliamentary immunity and defend herself against us in court on a libel charge. Ad Kan is proud to be the bulletproof vest that absorbs the enemy fire directed against IDF soldiers, and we will continue to work for the Jewish People and protect IDF soldiers.”