PM Bennett: High alert must continue until remaining prisoners are recaptured

PM Naftali Bennett praises security forces' success in recapturing four of the six terrorists who escaped Gilboa Prison, calls to maintain high alert.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

PM Naftali Bennett
PM Naftali Bennett

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett on Saturday evening commented on the activity of Israeli security forces over the weekend, which led to the recapturing of four of the terrorists who escaped from Gilboa Prison:

"The activity was determined and persistent and the key to success was the smooth and quiet cooperation between all those who took part in the work," Prime Minister Bennett said, adding that, "The quick sharing of information and the precise division of tasks between the security services, which facilitated maximum coverage of the ground, must continue."

On Saturday morning, Prime Minister Bennett went to the security forces' forward field command center to closely monitor the search. In a series of consultations that he held with security establishment heads over Shabbat (the Sabbath), the Prime Minister emphasized that the high alert must continue until the recapture of the two remaining prisoners.

Prime Minister Bennett expressed his appreciation for the civilians who informed the police of the location of the terrorists and called on the public to show awareness and responsibility.

"I have to say that they were organized down to every last detail, very precisely," Israel Police Northern District Commander Shimon Lavi said Saturday night . "It's something that took a long, long time, it wasn't just one day prior."

"We need to remember that we're talking about security prisoners who have significant experience, who know how to learn lessons from previous imprisonments, and they did everything to make it more difficult for us, including bringing us to other places, splitting the cell apart, and using various means. Although they had experience they made mistakes, and those mistakes were what we were waiting for. We didn't miss the opportunity, and we fell upon them."

"It needs to be clear: The task is not complete. We are increasing the efforts to locate the two [remaining] prisoners who escaped and to bring them back to their jail cells.

"I want to thank and express my appreciation to the Prisons Service, Shabak (Israel Security Agency - ed.), the Israel Defense Forces, and Israel Police. At the end of the day, the results are important, but in our case the process is also important. From the moment the incident occurred, there was inter-organizational cooperation - a path of mutual responsibility led by the police. What characterized this cooperation is the determination of all the organizations."

"We are increasing the efforts to arrest the two remaining [terrorists] and close the circle."