Meretz MK Mossi Raz: Bennett said 10 degrees to the right, not 50

PM won't evacuate Khan al-Akhmar, despite repeatedly promising to do so, says Meretz MK. 'Evacuation would deal a harsh blow to the state.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Khan al-Akhmar
Khan al-Akhmar

MK Mossi Raz of the extreme-left Meretz party has announced his approval of the recent meeting of Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz with Palestinian Authority head Mahmoud Abbas (also known as Abu Mazen).

“Gantz met with Abu Mazen? Netanyahu met with Arafat,” Raz told Radio Kol Berama on Thursday, referring to a meeting that took place between the former premier, Benjamin Netanyahu, and the former head of the PLO, Yasser Arafat.

“Abu Mazen is our partner,” Raz added, “and I wish and expect to see the resumption of a political process with the Palestinian Authority.”

Raz also commented on the government’s delay in evacuating the illegal settlement of Khan al-Akhmar, despite an oft-repeated promise on the part of current Prime Minister Naftali Bennett that if he were elected premier, he would ensure that the area was evacuated.

“There are actually a lot of settlers who help out the residents of Khan al-Akhmar,” Raz said. “Even Smotrich’s government didn’t evacuate them. Evacuating Khan al-Akhmar would deal a harsh blow to the State of Israel. We won’t do it, because Bennett said his government would be ten degrees to the right, not fifty,” he added, referring to another promise Bennett made – that his government would be ten degrees to the right of the outgoing Likud-led administration.

At the beginning of the week, the government, basing its position on the opinion of the Foreign Ministry, asked the Supreme Court to delay the final date by which the illegal settlement must be evacuated by six months. The Foreign Ministry argued in a confidential document that evacuating Khan al-Akhmar would be extremely difficult to achieve, and that its destruction would cause immense damage to the State.

Last Monday, Supreme Court Justice Noam Solberg granted the State another week to present its “confidential document” and also requested the petitioner in the case – the Regavim movement – to respond to the State’s request.

Meir Deutsch, the director of Regavim, stated that, “The current government is continuing along the dangerous path taken by previous administrations in promoting selective enforcement of the law. This is the very basis of anarchy – selective application of the law. We will not tolerate a situation in which a certain sector of the population enjoys immunity from the law, while other sectors are bound by the law’s constraints.”