Health Min: Prayers should be led by people who received booster shot

Health Ministry recommends only people who have received 3 vaccine doses lead Rosh Hashannah prayers or blow the shofar.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

צילום: istock

The Health Ministry has issued recommendations for the Rosh Hashanah holiday ahead of the beginning of the holiday at Sunday tonight.

According to the recommendations, services should be held outdoors, and only people who have received a coronavirus vaccine booster shot should lead the services or blow the shofar.

If the prayer leaders or shofar blower has not received three doses of the vaccine, then they should present a recent negative coronavirus test.

All worshippers are instructed to wear their masks indoors throughout the duration of the services. The one who blows the shofar is allowed to remove his mask in order to perform his task but must keep it on at all other times. In addition, the shofar blower is instructed to blow in the direction of an open window and away from the congregants. If the shofar blower has not received the booster shot, then he should cover the opening of the shofar.