Israel to advise FDA on booster shots as US mulls 3rd dose

US FDA to use data from Israel's booster shot campaign in deliberations on whether to authorize use of third dose of COVID jab.

David Rosenberg ,

Pfizer vaccine campaign
Pfizer vaccine campaign
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US vaccine regulators charged with determining whether to authorize the use of COVID booster shots will be relying at least in part on data collected in Israel, a senior Israeli health official said Sunday.

Sharon Alroy-Preis, chief of the Israeli Health Ministry’s public health division, told Channel 12 Sunday night that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has requested data from Israel to help the agency weigh the possible risks and benefits of a mass booster campaign using the Pfizer-BioNTech mRNA COVID vaccine.

The FDA, Alroy-Preis added, had asked her to take part in a virtual session of the FDA’s deliberations later this month.

During the meeting, set for September 17th, Alroy-Preis will update the FDA’s advisors regarding the data from Israel’s expanded booster campaign, which was broadened a week ago to include children 12 and up

"We have been asked to come and present Israel's experience and our data so that we can truly help the whole world to learn," Alroy-Preis said.

Thus far, 2.622 million Israelis have received three doses of the vaccine, or 28.2% of the total population. A majority of Israelis over the age of 50 have received the booster shot.

Last week, two senior FDA vaccine regulators announced their resignations from the agency.

According to a report by Endpoints News which cited a former senior FDA official, the two were frustrated over pressure from the White House and CDC to clear the use of COVID booster shots.