Parents threaten: 'We'll lie and say we tested our children for coronavirus'

Some parents don't want to test their children for coronavirus, and are not above lying to the school. 'Sometimes that's also part of education.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

COVID-19 antigen test
COVID-19 antigen test

Many parents oppose the Education Ministry's coronavirus guidelines, which required , among other things, that parents test their children for coronavirus prior to the start of the school year, and present the tests to the school on the morning of September 1. According to Maariv, a sizable number of parents has refused to cooperate,

One parent, who asked to remain anonymous, told Maariv, "I don't intend to test my child, and it's not logical that they require me to do that."

"When I bring my child to class, unfortunately I will need to lie and say I tested him, but sometimes that's also part of education. From my perspective, the message I'm sending him is that sometimes you need to oppose rules as well."

Under the current guidelines, all teachers, parents, and other individuals wishing to enter school or preschool grounds must present a Green Pass (proof of vaccination against coronavirus or recovery from it), or a recent negative coronavirus test. The only exceptions are students who attend the campus. All coronavirus tests must be performed at an official testing site which carries Health Ministry approval. School staff who choose not to vaccinate or test will not be allowed on campus.

During the first seven days of school attendance, a parent may accompany the child to school, even if the parent does not present a Green Pass or negative test. However, the parent must remain in open areas of the campus.