COVID-19 ward director: 'Profile of unvaccinated patients is concerning'

'All our young patients and 80% of those intubated are unvaccinated,' Prof. Dror Mevorach, director of Hadassah Ein Kerem's coronavirus ward.

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Coronavirus patient (illustrative)
Coronavirus patient (illustrative)
Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Professor Dror Mevorach, director of Hadassah Ein Kerem Medical Center’s COVID-10 Outbreak Units, spoke about how the hospital is handling the coronavirus outbreak, and who its patients are.

"We have about 40 patients hospitalized, including around 30 in serious or critical condition," Prof. Mevorach told 103 FM Radio.

He added that, "The numbers are stable, but more and more people are always coming, and the patients are replaced."

"We have one person who is on an ECMO machine." Prof. Mevorach said, adding, "We can absorb the number, but still, it's an addition," since the hospital is forced to add additional wards, with the same number of staff.

Regarding the profile of his patients, Prof. Mevorach told 103 FM, "Half of those hospitalized are vaccinated, half are not vaccinated. At the same time, there is an existential difference between them: The vaccinated are people who arrive for hospitalization, they are elderly people and for many of them the vaccine did not 'take,' apparently because of pre-existing conditions. And most of them don't deteriorate into serious condition, unless they have pre-existing conditions."

"The profile of the unvaccinated patients is more concerning, because all of our young patients, and 80% of our intubated patients, are not vaccinated, and they end up in serious condition for reasons that we don't yet know."

Everything connected to serious illness, "we're mostly seeing with unvaccinated patients," including young children, he emphasized.

When asked for his stance on the start of the school year, Prof. Mevorach said, "I felt, over the past three weeks, that the system is not ready. There are a lot of failures... The system is not ready, and that invites chaos."

"I would say - 'green classes' - 100%. Whoever is not vaccinated or recovered, can learn on Zoom. That's his decision. But why should we decide on just 70% - what, should the 30% infect everyone else?"

"I would wait another two or three weeks" to start the school year, he said.

"We have already reached nearly one thousand deaths per million - that's a very high percentage of deaths.