Chief of Staff: If quiet isn't maintained, we will not hesitate to enter a campaign

IDF Chief of Staff Aviv Kohavi: We have expanded our target bank and updated operational plans. If the quiet in the South is not maintained we will not hesitate to enter into a campaign even more powerful than the last.

Kobi Finkler ,

Chief of Staff at ceremony marking the arrival of the "Nitzahon"
Chief of Staff at ceremony marking the arrival of the "Nitzahon"
IDF Spokesperson's Unit

The Sa’ar 6 "Nitzahon" corvette arrived in Israel on Monday. The ship docked at the naval base in Haifa, after a journey that lasted about two weeks.

A ceremony marking the arrival of the ship from Germany was held in the presence of The Chief of the General Staff, LTG Aviv Kohavi and the Commanding Officer of the Israeli Navy, Vice Admiral Eli Sharvit. Participating in the ceremony were the soldiers who accompanied the “Nitzahon” on its return to Israel after a long stay in German shipyards.

The arrival of the "Nitzahon", the fourth and final Sa’ar 6 Class Corvette to arrive in Israel, summarizes the flagship project of the Navy in recent years, during which the new IDF missile ships were designed, built and prepared for operational use.

The four Saar 6 ships that joined the Israeli Navy constitute a significant milestone in strengthening the resilience of the State of Israel and will constitute a central pillar in the maritime protection of both Israeli waters and energy resources at sea.

During the coming months, the “Nitzahon'' will undergo the installation process of additional combat systems (the majority of which were developed in Israel). Upon completion of the installation process, the “Nitzahon” will enter full operational service.

Chief of Staff Kohavi said, “Today, we commemorate receiving the Sa’ar 6 ‘Nitzahon’ [Hebrew for victory], which is one of the most advanced and powerful missile ships in the world. It expresses more than anything, the constant strive to not compromise on the IDF’s path to victory. That is our main mission. To definitively win the next war in the shortest amount of time with the lowest cost; That is the goal we have set for ourselves when we developed the activated concept for victory.”

“Victory will be possible only through relevant force building based on change and innovation. These are the principles and foundation of the Multi-Year ‘Momentum’ Plan, which are applied in all branches of the IDF. In operational activity and gathering intel, in carrying out exercises and developing munitions, in protecting our borders and covert operations. The ‘Nitzahon’ received today by the Israeli Navy is a groundbreaking achievement expressing exactly this idea. It strengthens our capabilities of exposing the enemy in the sea and on the land. The innovative weapons systems on board will make the Israeli Navy, and the IDF as a whole, more lethal. Its defense systems actualize a new multidimensional reality of the concept of defense. All these components ensure the quick defeat of the enemy,” he added.

“However, the real power of the Israeli Navy is not only in its ships, as advanced as they are. The real strength comes from the soldiers in the Navy, as well as the IDF as a whole,” stressed the Chief of Staff.

“An army that is not composed of quality soldiers in regular service and career, will not be able to stand strong in the face of the many security challenges we face. We operate around the clock in six theaters and six dimensions and operate overtly and covertly on the land, air, sea and cyber fronts. In the North we face the terrorist army Hezbollah and Iranian regional entrenchment in Lebanon. In Judea and Samaria we operate day and night to eradicate terrorism and maintain a status quo of relative quiet. In the Southern arena we have witnessed in the past two weeks growing friction in the Gaza strip, and we continue to stand against Hamas’ attempts to harm the security of the State of Israel.”

“I want the residents of Gaza to know that the reality of their life could be completely different, their quality of life can be much better and more developed, but not if acts of terrorism continue to threaten the security of the State of Israel. If quiet is returned, and maintained, there will be more civilian relief, however, if acts of terror continue we will not hesitate to do what is needed to ensure the security of Israeli civilians living in the South and State of Israel as a whole,” he stressed.

“As I have said in the past at the end of Operation ‘Guardian of the Walls’, I have instructed the IDF to be prepared for another campaign. We have expanded our target bank and updated operational plans. If the quiet in the South is not maintained we will not hesitate to enter into a campaign even more powerful than the last.”

Commanding Officer of the Israeli Navy, Vice Admiral Eli Sharvit, said, "Welcome home ‘Nitzahon’. The line attached to the dock symbolizes the end of a long, complex and challenging chapter which took place in Germany. We foresee a historic transformation of an innovative vision into a living reality. A reality to face a changing security situation that requires a force built and equipped for new challenges.”

“The ‘Nitzahon’, like the entire historic Sa’ar 6 fleet, is a tremendous addition for Israeli naval superiority and a key pillar in the strategic capabilities of the Navy, the IDF and the State of Israel. It is a great privilege. Be proud that you [the Navy] are a force of values holding strong to strengthen the independence of the people and the land, and to ensure victory of the State of Israel."

Ceremony marking the arrival of the "Nitzahon". Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit