Millions Travel to Mexico as President Says No Vaccine Passport Required

Many countries are currently enforcing a vaccine passport as an entry requirement amidst the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

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suitcase plane travel luggage airport

Many countries are currently enforcing a vaccine passport as an entry requirement amidst the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Mexico, however, will not require vaccinations for foreigners entering the country. Because of this, the already booming tourism in popular destinations such as Cancun and Puerto Vallarta is seeing greater traffic.

Recently, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador announced that Mexico will not require visitors to show proof of vaccination. Notably, he made this statement at a press conference in the Pacific beach city of Mazatlán, where a vaccine passport is required.

Mazatlán’s Civil Protection Director stated that proof is required when entering restaurants, hotels and shops. Alternatively, residents and visitors have the option of showing the negative results of a test no older than 8 days. This dissonance between Federal and local guidelines creates confusion in terms of visitors knowing what they should prepare for.

No Proof of Vaccination Required for Mexico’s Beach Towns

Similarly, in the Carribean beaches of Cancún and Tulum, the Quintana Roo Tourism Board assured that proof would not be a requirement for visitors. However, the state also mentioned new requirements for hospitality workers, which would include proof of vaccination.

Mexico currently only requires filling out an online application asking if visitors have any Covid-19 symptoms. The lack of an in-depth screening process for foreigners is contributing to the country’s escalating tourism. In July and August of this year, the Ministry of Tourism announced that it expects more than 20 million visitors.

This is also contributing to the rising cases of Covid-19 in popular tourist destinations such as Cancún, Puerto Vallarta, Los Cabos, and Mazatlán. Hospital space is low in these areas, but the growing numbers of patients require additional space. The Hard Rock Cafe in Cancún, for example, cleared out two floors to house patients needing hospitalization from the virus.

“It is important to highlight that infections are occurring among local youth,” said Roberto Cintrón, President of the Cancun Hotel Association. “We have enough hospital beds for them, if necessary. But it is not happening among tourists.”

The U.S. recently extended the closure of its border with Mexico until August 21st, but this doesn’t stop tourists from flying in. The ease of entry and accessibility of Mexico contribute to the millions of Americans visiting during the pandemic, despite growing Covid-19 cases.

Stressful Times Call for a Luxury Vacation

Luxurious travel and accommodation can seem tempting after dealing with the stress and pressure of staying home. Cancun is home to one of the most visited islands known for white sand beaches and clear blue waters. Isla Mujeres is a small island just off the coast of Cancun known for its luxurious restaurants and beach clubs.

Tourists can easily charter a private catamaran from cancun to isla mujeres, which is just a few miles off coast. The most visited beaches are on the north side of the Island, which is called Playa Norte, home to the famous Zama Beach Club. Many visitors decide to rent a golf cart to tour the 21km-long island before heading to their destination.

The clear blue waters are also ideal for snorkeling, as there is abundant marine life and coral reefs. The Underwater Museum of Art also offers a unique way to view modern and ancient sculptural pieces through goggles. The island also offers luxury dining experiences such as the popular Lolo Lorena restaurant offering fresh seafood with contemporary recipes.

Those looking to finish their luxury vacation with a great accommodation experience can stay at the famous Ritz-Carlton, Cancun. The average price per night is set at $500 (USD) and features spacious bedrooms with all the amenities, including fire pits, outdoor bars, and several large pools facing the beach.