Can you measure the pain of a mother who watches her child friendless and bullied?

The other children stare and make fun of Efrat's crooked leg. A mother's letter.

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A mother's letter:

Help Efrat Day after day, my heart breaks when Efrat comes home, sits down, and talks about the children in the gan and the park, who stare at her and make fun of her crooked leg.

It hurts so much because people fail to see the intelligent, sweet, and happy child Efrat is. Her beautiful, sparkling eyes fill with tears as she is rejected by peers again and again.

Children can often be cruel. They do not see Efrat the way I see her. They do not realize how she is slowly destroyed by the pain and embarrassment of how she looks.

Efrat was born with a very rare condition that caused one of her legs to be short and crooked. As her body grows, her leg looks worse, and the bullying increases.

All I want is for Efrat to walk, have an everyday social life, and not have to answer her painful questions about why she has no friends.