Boy Almost Cancels Wedding Because Of Medical Emergency

Then, when things didn’t seem like they could get any crazier, they did.

Vaad HaRabbanim , | updated: 4:28 PM


When you have nothing to lose, that’s when people are willing to take the wildest risks in life.

But what about when you have everything to lose?

Rachel Hershkowitz is fifty years old. She’s married to a good man, has eleven kids, and is about to celebrate her son’s upcoming wedding. And she’s on the edge of losing it all.

Rachel used to be a kindergarten teacher and her husband Moshe would support the family through a mattress and bed importing business. But three years ago, Moshe suffered from a series of heart attacks at the young age of forty-seven. Ever since then, his health had gone downhill until several months ago when his diabetes got so bad that the doctors had choice but to amputate his leg.

Then, when things didn’t seem like they could get any crazier, they did.

Rachel’s son Menachem became engaged, and though she and Moshe are both beyond thrilled, the financial strain of making a wedding after surviving off of her meager income alone after so many years has caused Moshe’s health to deteriorate even more. Currently, the doctors are debating whether or not to amputate his remaining leg. His very life is hanging in the balance.

A horrified Rachel Hershkowitz attempts to describe the emotions that are running through her mind and heart as she writes a letter where she makes a plea to the public for help:

“The doctors say that the financial stress might literally kill Moshe. I am all alone in this and I need someone to help me get through this because I am so scared. I have too much to lose.”

Rachel has eleven kids, one husband, and one upcoming wedding. But without the generosity of strangers, she will lose everything. Right now, this mom is fighting for the people she loves most: Her family. To support Rachel Hershkowitz by helping her cover the many expenses of making a wedding and taking care of her large family as her husband fights for his life in the hospital, click here.