Health Ministry updates countries' COVID-19 classification

Classification of countries as it relates to COVID-19 will be updated as of August 31.

Ben Ariel ,


The Ministry of Health updated on Monday evening that as of Tuesday, August 31, the list of classification of countries as it relates to COVID-19 will be updated.

Red countries at maximum risk to which travel for both vaccinated and recovering people is prohibited: Bulgaria, Brazil, Mexico, Turkey.

Travel to these destinations will only be permitted for those who have received approval from the Exceptions Committee, and they will obligated to be under full quarantine upon return to Israel.

Low-risk yellow countries - vaccinated and recovered must go into quarantine until a negative test result or 24 hours (whichever is earlier), and those who have not been vaccinated or recovered must be completely isolated: Bahrain, Hong Kong, Hungary, Taiwan, New Zealand, China, Singapore, Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic.

Orange countries - countries at risk from which full quarantine is required for all ages, even for the vaccinated and recovered: Any country that does not appear in the red or yellow classification.