Shaked: We've stopped transferring cash to Hamas

Interior Minister: Our goal is to prevent Hamas' intensification. It will take more than a day or two.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Ayelet Shaked
Ayelet Shaked
Olivier Fitoussi/Flash 90

Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked was interviewed on Channel 12 News on Sunday and commented on recent health and security developments.

Shaked called on the public to continue to get vaccinated at the vaccine complexes and the health maintenance organizations.

"I did not wait one day to receive the vaccine. Anyone who can – should go tomorrow and do so," she said.

On the possibility that Pfizer will also approve the vaccination of young children from the age of 12, she said, "We are working on this, the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Health are in contact with the company. The challenge at the moment is to vaccinate 50% of the youth and the rest of the adult population."

The Interior Minister also commented on the security tensions in the south, in light of the injury of Border Police fighter Barel Shmueli, who was shot by a terrorist during riots at the border.

Shaked, who has in the past sounded more aggressive in relation to Israeli policy toward Hamas, said, "Even today, I think Hamas needs to be dealt with using a lot of force."

In addition, she explained what the new government has achieved so far compared to its predecessor.

"We have already stopped transferring cash to Hamas. The Defense Minister has arranged a plan so that the money will go to those who need it. We will harm this terrorist organization. Our goal is to prevent its intensification. This is not necessarily done in one day or two after an incident. We want to respond when it is convenient for us, and not when it is convenient for them."

Shaked also commented on Prime Minister Naftali Bennett's upcoming trip to the United States for a meeting with President Joe Biden, and stressed, "They will focus on the Iranian issue, this is the core of the meeting."