Netanyahu on Bennett: Zero security, zero statesmanship

Former premier decries a 'fawning media which conceals the failures of this government, no matter how serious they may be.'

Benjamin Netanyahu ,

Benjamin Netanyahu
Benjamin Netanyahu
Haim Twitto

In 2013, then-US Secretary of State, John Kerry, invited me to accompany him on a secret visit to Afghanistan in order to see first-hand, so he said, how the United States had succeeded in establishing a local military force that was capable of opposing terrorism unaided.

The lesson was clear: The “Afghanistan model” was one that the Americans wanted applied to the Palestinian question as well.

I politely declined the offer and denied the feasibility of the idea they were proposing. My assessment at the time was that the moment the United States left Afghanistan, everything would collapse. Unfortunately, this is what is happening right now. An extremist Islamic regime has conquered Afghanistan and turned it into a terrorist state that threatens world peace.

A similar result will occur if, G-d forbid, we hand the reins of power to the Palestinians. The Palestinians won’t set up a new Singapore. They will establish a terrorist state in Judea and Samaria, just a short distance from Ben Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv, Kfar Saba, and Netanya.

We see this same misguided policy at work with regard to Iran. The international community is about to approve a dangerous agreement that would provide Iran — with their authorization — with an arsenal of nuclear weapons that are dedicated to our destruction.

I was asked by our foreign friends to keep quiet on this issue, to refrain from taking action, and not to oppose them on this. I did not agree. Instead, we pursued a policy of attacking first, both militarily and policy-wise. I stood up against the entire world — including many within Israel — when I spoke in the US Congress against this dangerous agreement. Foreign Minister and Alternate Prime Minister Lapid attacked me for doing so.

At the end of the day, what we achieved was persuading the United States to impose harsh economic sanctions on Iran, and also to leave the nuclear agreement. If we had not taken such a determined stance, Iran would have had a nuclear arsenal long ago.

The conclusion to be drawn is clear: The correct doctrine is the one I pursued, and we must never rely on others to safeguard our security. We must defend ourselves with our own capabilities against every enemy.

To our dismay, we now have a Lapid-Abbas-Bennett government that is taking the exact opposite path, a path that endangers our security and indeed our very existence. They have agreed to a “no surprises” policy with regard to Iran, a dangerous policy that limits our freedom to take military action against them. They obey the orders of others and maintain a thunderous silence even as Iran is now charging full-speed toward the bomb.

They are doing this with the full and ridiculous backing of a fawning media that is trying to conceal the failures of this government, however serious they may be.

Zero on security. Zero on statesmanship. Zero on coronavirus. A state without a captain; a state in anarchy. How long will the media remain silent in face of this anarchy that is only getting worse every day?